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Drawing on my 25+ years of experience in graphic design, project management, customer motivation, and team leadership, I infuse my educational content design with vibrancy, inclusivity, and a distinct style. It’s not just about sharing knowledge but fostering genuine human connections and assessing progress to ensure a rewarding and resonant learning journey for everyone.

Recent project examples


Jolene is a very intelligent, well-organized worker with undeniable social skills. She is a very talented designer, and was a pleasure to collaborate with on creative projects.

Benjamin Strenski

Licensed Massage Therapist

“unique creativity”

Jolene did an awesome job of helping my school district pass a $24.9 million dollar referendum during a tough economic time. She worked extremely hard and utilized her unique creativity to help us establish a positive public relations and advertising campaign. While Jolene operates in a professional manner she is very personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Jolene.

Troy Edwards

Hillcrest Primary Principal

“turning complicated information into compelling visuals”

Jolene is easily one of the best instructional designers I have worked with. She was on my team for about 6 months, but her impact was enormous. She single-handedly revamped our New Hire Orientation experience with beautiful new materials, a great flow to the day, and increased opportunities for interaction. She has a gift for turning complicated information into compelling visuals.

However, one of Jolene’s greatest strengths is how she relates to the many SMEs she interacts with. She asks all the right questions and keeps the focus on the learner. Jolene knows how to weigh speed and quality, and how to communicate the tradeoffs with our stakeholders. She became a trusted advisor in record time, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Jovana Husic

Director of Learning and Development

“superior ideas and results”

Jolene and I have collaborated on 6 submissions in response to solicitations from the Federal Government for Veterans Administration work. Her ability to grasp the concepts laid out for her and return superior ideas and results on or ahead of schedule makes her a pleasure to work with. She is very personable and it is clearly evident that she thoroughly enjoys her work.

Andrew Ogozalek

Director of Marketing and Finance at Willow Design

“seeks to thoroughly understand”

Jolene has a great talent of managing multiple projects at a time; while continue to embrace innovative new technologies along the way. She has an energy that seeks to thoroughly understand and improve her processes throughout the life of a project. Project management and process improvement is an area of strength and passion within her work.

Erica Plaza

Director of Marketing, Communication & Legislative Advocacy

“researching and experimenting”

Coming from a background in billboard design it is not often you run into an internal marketing team that understands the concept of what it truly takes to design an effective ad campaign. Jolene has gone above and beyond in researching and experimenting in order to create a marketing piece that stands out as some of the best in the industry. I have no doubt Jolene puts the passion I have seen into everything she touches.

Christine Rutchik

Sales Director of Outdoor Advertising at Jones Sign Co., Inc.

“outside-of-the box thinking”

Having worked with Jolene for a year, I’m happy to endorse the creative energies and ‘outside-of-the box’ thinking that she brings to the project team. Jolene’s willingness to challenge the status quo led to our organization re-evaluating the approach to outward marketing, and facilitated our efforts to be more proactive toward increasing our brand visibility. Jolene’s unique graphic skills infused new energy into proposals, and re-energized the entire marketing team. I sincerely hope that Jolene and I can work together on more creative enterprises in the future, and firmly believe Jolene will be an asset to whomever she is working with.

John Miller

Vice President at Berners-Schober Associates

“open-minded attitude”

From an editor’s standpoint, Jolene’s responsiveness and open-minded attitude make her a pleasure to work with. She understands the deadline-oriented culture of media and can find the right person to answer every question.

Larry Silver

Surfacetech CEO

“invigorated us”

I enjoy Jolene’s positive attitude. She created a coordinated package of branding and marketing material while here that invigorated us and gave us a fresh face to the community. Her graphic skills are excellent.

Dan Dallich

Principal at Berners-Schober

“high integrity”

I recommend Jolene without reservation. She is not only extremely talented and creative she is also a truly great person with high integrity. She cares greatly about her customer’s successes and she has a passion for her community and most of all for her family. Her energy is contagious.

Peggy Collinsmith

Community Volunteer at Green Bay Sail and Paddle


Jolene’s fresh perspective is a huge asset for Somerville Inc. Not only is she very forward-thinking, but also she is very in touch with what draws a reaction from clients and the public. Jolene already exhibits expertise in a multitude of media types but is always enthusiastic about learning other new things. I am pleased to recommend my Somerville coworker, Jolene

Steven Knuth

Architectural Designer McMAHON

“finding creative solutions”

I worked on multiple cross-functional teams with Jolene during our time at NWTC. She has always excelled at bringing groups together, identifying customer needs, and finding creative solutions. Even when challenged to adopt new technology, she was able to learn quickly while remaining flexible to the needs of our customers and business. You can tell she is very passionate about providing learning opportunities to those around her and ensuring they are successful.

Kristin Ray-Sprenger

Webmaster at NWTC

“exceptional artwork and creativity”

As a member of Current, the young professionals group I manage, Jolene has always been available to assist with volunteer initiatives to help advance the cause of our group and other nonprofit organizations we’ve partnered with. Additionally, she’s been a supporter of our newsletter distribution providing exceptional artwork and creativity through ad design for her employer. Her ads have been refreshingly unique and have incorporated several design elements providing diverse and expansive examples of her talents.

Brian Johnson

Executive Director at On Broadway, Inc.

“enthusiastically embraced technology”

Jolene was an outstanding co-worker and supervisor in so many ways. Not only was she supportive and encouraging, but she enthusiastically embraced technology and innovative ways to deliver marketing and education. Her personality and intellect were a gift to those lucky enough to work with her, and she continues to shine at any organization that she is a part of.

Linda Golik

Bellin Health Wellness Specialist

“direction, assistance, and encouragement”

Jolene was a critical part of a school referendum- the public relations team I worked on for a year in 2009. Her experience, ideas, organizational skills and personality made her great to work with. There is no way I/we could have accomplished what we did without the direction of Jolene and her associate. They provided the direction, assistance, and encouragement that kept us moving step by step until we were successful. We were a terrific team! The referendum passed the first time and our community opened a beautiful new elementary school in the Fall of 2011!

Wendy Crawford

Program Coordinator at Leadership Shawano County

“collaborative and creative”

Jolene is collaborative and creative. She has a vision for the work she does and communicates it easily. She is approachable, easy to work with, and has great excitement for her work.

John Grant

Dean, Student Development at NWTC

“asset to her organization”

Jolene is a passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, and creative professional who is an asset to her organization and to her community. She firmly believes in the sustainable mandate of people, planet, and prosperity and she lives her principles.

Paul Linzmeyer

Foundation Board at Indigenous Pact PBC, Inc.

“accomplished instructional designer”

Jolene is a VERY accomplished instructional designer! She worked on my team for several months, contributing to the design and development of numerous enterprise learning solutions we deployed. The content she produced well exceeded expectations. One initiative she supported was completely revamping our new hire orientation/onboarding program. The materials she produced were professionally presented, engaging, and they led to interactive new-hire learning experiences. This was particularly impressive as I hired her in a contract role with no prior understanding of our company culture.

While Jolene worked on my team as a contractor, she quickly became a trusted member. We all relied on her and she never disappointed. She is completely responsible, dedicated to her craft, and a pleasure to work with.

Tracey Wormser, PMP

Director, Organizational Development and Learning

Jolene Bashore M.Ed

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