Project Management: NWTC Viewbook

As part of my role as the Marketing Supervisor for NWTC, I was tasked with the full project management of the annual Viewbook. The viewbook was targeted to ALL potential students and their parents in hopes of recruitment and matriculation. I am most proud of this project because of the intense collaboration I facilitated between the learning, college advancement, and advisement teams. My main mission was to show potential students what their pathway could look like while starting bite-sized credentials at NWTC. This took hundreds of meetings, revisions, beta tests, and more. This methodology transferred to the website, individual program brochures, and all branding deliverables used in recruiting. In addition to this collaboration with SMEs for critical information, I managed a team of designers (tried to keep them happy and calm), our internal printing department, and leadership above me all the way to our president. Please see the table of contents and individual program pages to get a feel for the level of coordination involved.