Author: jojoba

Germline v Somatic Infographic

This Germline v Somatic Mutations Infographic was created to make sense of the differences between the two. One is inherited from the parent, and environmental factors cause the other throughout your lifetime. This graphic was intended for a sales team that sells a genomic product to detect actionable mutations and drive a targeted therapy for […]

New Hire Orientation Design

I was tasked with creating the new hire orientation experience for DAI. The current orientation process was disjointed and lacked color and interest. The presentation included a full employee guide to include all orientation items. The guide was meant to accompany live training and for future utilization when needing resources.

Camtasia: SOAR Method

Project Title SOAR Method in job interviews Tools used in Development Camtasia TRIAL, Pixabay, (script and narration provided by IDOL Courses for this task) Time in Development About 4 hours Client No client, but to achieve the Camtasia Skilled badge Collaborators IDOL Courses supplied the script, narration, and badge criteria “Earners have demonstrated the ability […]

E-learning Course: Technostress

Project Title Technostress: Afflicted by Advancement Tools used in Development Articulate Storyline, Pixabay, Wellsaid Labs Time in Development Research, Outline, Script, Storyboard, and Articulate Storyline V1: About 25 hoursV2: Removed academic references and increased engagement Client Self, Portfolio Collaborators Awesome coaching for V2 by IDOL Academy Coaches V2 Technostress Course V1 Technostress Course Outline Script […]