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Research: The Crash of Public Education

Public schools are stuck in the storm. Both mysterious and multifaceted, the lightning and thunder act together and apart. The people are divided. Administrators are divided. Policies are misconstrued and lend to more pressure and a deeper divide. And, every side is claiming to battle for student success. Who gets left out in the rain? […]

Research: Training teachers for Project-based learning

The purpose of the research study is to learn of the successful and unsuccessful attempts at training teachers in the implementation of project-based lesson delivery. This will show any gaps in current teacher professional development training and resources pertaining to it. Further, research related to the increased demand placed on teachers due to barriers (increasing […]

Research: Inquiry Meets Technology

The purpose of this study was to determine if the implementation of Achieve3000 Intensive Intervention (inquiry-based lesson) would have an impact on the reading comprehension of high school students in the Special Education English Language Arts instructional setting. Theproblem is that High School students in the Special Education ELA (English Language Arts) instructional setting demonstrate […]

Assessments Examples

Assessment Analysis Assessments should be free of bias and should never aim to trick the learner. When a clear roadmap is used while delivering content, formative checks are made along the way and testing parallels the flow of learning, students will have a successful learning outcome. Multiple measures must always be considered so that all […]