Research: Inquiry Meets Technology

The purpose of this study was to determine if the implementation of Achieve3000 Intensive Intervention (inquiry-based lesson) would have an impact on the reading comprehension of high school students in the Special Education English Language Arts instructional setting. The
problem is that High School students in the Special Education ELA (English Language Arts) instructional setting demonstrate low reading comprehension skills and a lack of motivation to read. Low reading comprehension skills will hinder student learning in post-secondary education and future occupations. The action research methodology asks a pertinent question about a way to affect reading comprehension, addresses, and experiments with an inquiry-based lesson plan paired with technology. Outcomes were evaluated, and recommendations were made. As a data collection tool, students received an Achieve3000 article with multiple-choice questions to measure Reading Comprehension at the beginning of each lesson and a post-assessment following the intensive lesson. Students are in 9th through 10th grade and come from varied ethnic backgrounds. Students have an IEP with a Reading Comprehension goal. Findings of the study indicate growth following an intensive, inquiry-based reading lesson, although more research is recommended in the area of learner fatigue and academic burnout.